Superdeck Mass Transit Decking

Superdeck Mass Transit Decking

Superdeck Mass Transit Deck (GR250) was engineered specifically for mass transit deck applications where corrosion control and downtime are of primary concern. The mass transit deck is a high strength, light weight corrosion resistant FRP deck that features a unique connection system that allows for speedy installations. Do you want to eliminate future deck replacements and reduce your maintenance costs all the while decreasing your station closings for deck work? Need to access your deck with heavy maintenance equipment? No problem, the fiberglass deck is 80% lighter and substantially stronger than concrete. Give SUPERDECK MASS TRANSIT DECK a look and see how others have reduced down time while eliminating future replacements.  

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  •  Superdeck Mass Transit Decking (GR250) Profile Drawings -  Download

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  •  Superdeck Mass Transit Decking Load Tables -  Download | View
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