Fiberglass Pultrusion Process

Fiberglass Pultrusion Process

The Pultrusion Process

What is Pultrusion?

Pultrusion is a continuous manufacturing process utilized to make pultruded profiles with constant cross-sections whereby reinforcements, in the form of roving and mats, are saturated with resin and guided into a heated die. Once in the die, the resin undergoes a curing process known as polymerization. The once resin-saturated reinforcements exit the die in a solid-state and in the form of the cross-section of the die. The pultrusion process requires little labor and is ideal for mass production of constant cross-section profiles.


fiberlgass pultrusion process

Custom Pultrusions

For applications requiring proprietary and custom-designed profiles, Creative Pultrusions offers innovative solutions and custom fiberglass products

Custom Fiberglass Pultrusions

Fiberglass Structural Profiles

CPI manufactures and stocks a full selection of Standard structural profiles including FRP I beams , FRP W beams , FRP channel , FRP Angle , FRP round tubes , FRP square tubes , FRP rectangular tubes , FRP Solid Rods , FRP solid square bar , FRP flat sheet , and FRP studs and nuts. Many of our made to order pultruded and stocked standard structural profiles are available in stocked lengths and can be packaged and directly shipped or fabricated to your specifications.

Pultruded Fiberglass Structural Shapes

Composite Sheet Pile Wall System

SuperLoc® all Composite Sheet Pile System is a patented fiberglass sheet pile retaining wall structure for waterfront applications where environmental considerations require a sheet pile wall structure that will not rot, decay, rust or spall.

Composite Sheetpile

Flooring Products

Creative manufactures and fabricates an extensive array of flooring products. The flooring products range from fiberglass grating for industrial applications to mass transit platforms and rails to trails decks.

Composite FRP Decking

Pipe Piling

SUPERPILE® is a high-performance round fiberglass tube pile designed specifically for the vigors of the fender and bearing pile market. SUPERPILE® is tougher, stronger and more impact resistant than typical FRP piles. Manufactured with our SUPURTUF™ polyurethane resin system. SUPERPILE® will perform as designed and will stand the test of time.

Fiberglass Pipe Pile

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FRP Pultrusion Process