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Veterans Park Project - Delray Beach, FL

“Callaway Marine found the Creative Pultrusions piling to be easy to install and provided a classy addition to the Veterans Park Project for the City of Delray. The ease of installation and deck attachment made the project easy to complete on time for the owner.”

~ Rod Coddington, Principal Engineer
Callaway Marine Technologies

MicroBio Patented Paddle Wheel

“The composite shaft and miscellaneous custom CNC-cut parts matched our specifications exactly and fit together perfectly for our patented paddle wheel. Thanks again for your attention to detail, delivering ahead of schedule, and making quality robust FRP components."

~Neal Adler, P.E. Project Engineer MicroBio Engineering Inc.

Rapid Overhead Depolyment Trailer

“Creative Pultrusions had the right product to complete an important solution for our customer. the 10” round FRP pole was used to make sauber’s 18’L x 10″ Diameter third stage fiberglass pultrusion boom. the boom provides not only the strength we needed, but also the lightweight solution that makes this product work.”

~Mike Blaser
Marketing Manager
Sauber Manufacturing Company

Big Pine Keys Small Cell Tower Application

"Creative Pultrusions (CP) FRP poles have worked well for our Wireless Small Cell customers. The quality and attributes of CP's round and octagonal composite poles, has provided us with the foundation we required to create the type of small cell infrastructure needed to handle extreme conditions, such as Hurricane Irma in Big Pine Keys."

~W. Jacobs
Compsites International

Bedford Heritage Trail Bridge Phase I - Decking Project

"It was wonderful to find this first class product and service from a company located right here in Bedford County, PA."
~ April Ressler, Secretary, Bedford Joint Municipal Authority


"Creative Pultrusion's provided a decking that was aesthetically pleasing and provided a high quality surface."
~ Brian E. Smith, P.E., Associate/Chief Highway Engineer, Keller Engineers, Inc.

FRP Piling - Kotzebue Swan Lake

"We were challenged to design a floating dock system which can be removed before the harbor freezes, and reinstalled in the spring with limited equipment. With the help of Creative Pultrusions, we were successfully in the design of this system."

~Elizabeth Greer, PE
Project Manager, AECOM

Marina del Ray - Waterfont Application

“Our group worked with the team at Creative to develop and FRP alternative to the structural timber waler. Until recently, there had not been a viable alternative to timber, in the composite world, that could meet the strict performance specifications required for our application. Engineers at Creative were extremely knowledgeable and willing to work extensively with us until we arrived at a cost-effective solution that met our exact needs. Thanks to Creative, we now have a practical alternative."

~Everett Babbitt
President/CEO, Bellingham Marine

Laurence Harbor Wastewater Facility Retaining Wall

"This was the first time I had worked with fiberglass reinforced sheet pile. Creative Pultrusions not only provided a great product, but also the support and knowledge required to get the job done. They assisted in value engineering and design so that we were able to eliminate the need for a galvanized C-Channel waler system. I look forward to the next opportunity to work with Creative again."

~Jason Newman
General Superintendent
J. Fletcher Creamer & Son, Inc.

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The Yards at 3 Crossings - Architectural Application

"Creative Pultrusions provided a quality FRP channel as an alternative to steel. Insallation was fast and it didn't require extra labor or equipment. I am extremely pleased with the work done by Creative Pultrusions."

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~ Rick Stein
T.C. Stein Industries

Renew Urban Charleston Louver Panels Application

Creative Pultrusions worked with me on the development of a series of structural fiberglass channels that were installed as louver panels on an ultra modern home in Charleston, SC. These moveable louvers were designed to be adjusted for privacy and shade, but also for a unique aesthetic. They are balanced on two track systems that the homeowner can open and close based on which balconies he wants to use at a given time and each panel is made up of two 3" pultruded fiberglass tubes with 90° FRP angle brackets. The sales and technical teams were readily available to answer any questions that popped up, such suggesting an adhesive to hold this large, multi-level system together. A design like this had never been done before in Charleston, so having a team involved like Creative Pultrusions with superior product quality and customer service made this large undertaking much more manageable. I expect this product will last significantly longer than most traditional materials would and will recommend these products for future projects.

~ Andy Meihaus, Renew Urban Charleston LLC.

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