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FRP Pedestrian Bridge

Creative Pultrusions, Inc. (CPI), custom designs and manufacturers E.T. Techtonics fiberglass bicycle, equestrian, light vehicle, and pedestrian bridges that offer both environmentally sensitive and aesthetic solutions for your demanding trail bridge requirements. Our prefabricated bridges are lightweight, low maintenance and install anywhere.

E.T. Techtonics History

Beginning in 1987, E.T. Techtonics, Inc., has been at the forefront in the research, design, and construction of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composite bridges and building systems. Originally located in Philadelphia, PA, the company was recognized as an international leader in the design of FRP bridges. To date, over 900 pedestrian bridges and walkway systems have been engineered and installed using the E.T. Techtonics fiberglass bridge system.

During the past 20 years, E.T. Techtonics, Inc., has developed, in conjunction with its research and development program, reliable design procedures and specifications for FRP pedestrian, equestrian, bicycle, and light vehicle bridge structures, as well as utility catwalks and platforms. The company has also acquired invaluable construction expertise as it has erected and/or provided on-site supervision for many of its bridge and building structures. This has led to the development of reliable field procedures for the assembly and installation of FRP structures.

In early 2016, E.T. Techtonics, Inc., was acquired by their longtime manufacturing partner CPI. Today, E.T. Techtonics exists as a CPI product line that is fully owned and operated by CPI.  The E.T. Techtonics trail access bridge sales, engineering and design group resides at the corporate headquarters of CPI in Alum Bank, PA.

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E.T. Techtonics Fiberglass Bridges and Boardwalks

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