"Composites Upgrade Marine Infrastructure", CompositesWorld, September, 2015

"New Solution to a perplexing problem...or should I say pileated problem?", Penn Lines Magazine, September 2015

"Composite Carry an Electric Load", Composite Manufacturing Magazine, July/August 2015

"Posted with permission from Composites Manufacturing magazine at"

"Composites Aid in Hurricane Sandy Recovery",

"Posted with permission from the American Composites Manufacturing Association at and their new website."

Creative Pultrusions, Inc. pultruded fiberglass products featured in composites industry magazines.

"Reinforced Plastics Move into Non-Traditional Markets", Plastics Engineering Magazine, May 2015

“Posted with permission from Plastics Engineering magazine, the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE), and Wiley. Learn more about Plastics Engineering magazine at Read the whole issue at”







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