Technical Papers

Learn more about the pultrusion process by reading one of our white papers.

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Technical Papers

  •  5th Percentile Design Strength Value Development for Pultruded Crossarms -  Download | View
  •  Development of Design Properties for the Series 1580 Seawall Profile -  Download | View
  •  5th Percentile Strength Values Development In Support of the Creative Pultrusions, Inc. Composite Utility Pole Brochure -  Download | View
  •  The Behavior of Structural FRP Columns and a Design Guide for Practical Applications -  Download | View
  •  Development of Design Equations and Guidelines for Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composite Channel Sections -  Download | View
  •  Fabrication and Installation of Modular FRP Composite Bridge Deck -  Download | View
  •  Fatigue and Failure Evaluation of Modular FRP Composite Bridge Deck -  Download | View
  •  Inspection of Pultruded Cooling Tower Components -  Download | View
  •  An Investigation of Pin Bearing Strength on Composite Materials -  Download | View
  •  Load Test Evaluation of FRP Composite Columns -  Download | View
  •  Polyurethane Pultrusion Application Successes with Large Profiles -  Download | View
  •  Step-by-Step Engineering Design Equations for Fiber-reinforced Plastic Beams for Transportation Structures -  Download | View
  •  Step-by-Step Engineering Design Equations for FRP Structural Beams -  Download | View
  •  Modular Composite Deck System for Bridge Construction and Replacement -  Download | View

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