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Laurence Harbor Wastewater Facility Retaining Wall

"This was the first time I had worked with fiberglass reinforced sheet pile. Creative Pultrusions not only provided a great product, but also the support and knowledge required to get the job done. They assisted in value engineering and design so that we were able to eliminate the need for a galvanized C-Channel waler system. I look forward to the next opportunity to work with Creative again."

~Jason Newman
General Superintendent
J. Fletcher Creamer & Son, Inc.

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The Yards at 3 Crossings - Architectural Application

"Creative Pultrusions provided a quality FRP channel as an alternative to steel. Insallation was fast and it didn't require extra labor or equipment. I am extremely pleased with the work done by Creative Pultrusions."

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~ Rick Stein
T.C. Stein Industries

Renew Urban Charleston Louver Panels Application

Creative Pultrusions worked with me on the development of a series of structural fiberglass channels that were installed as louver panels on an ultra modern home in Charleston, SC. These moveable louvers were designed to be adjusted for privacy and shade, but also for a unique aesthetic. They are balanced on two track systems that the homeowner can open and close based on which balconies he wants to use at a given time and each panel is made up of two 3" pultruded fiberglass tubes with 90° FRP angle brackets. The sales and technical teams were readily available to answer any questions that popped up, such suggesting an adhesive to hold this large, multi-level system together. A design like this had never been done before in Charleston, so having a team involved like Creative Pultrusions with superior product quality and customer service made this large undertaking much more manageable. I expect this product will last significantly longer than most traditional materials would and will recommend these products for future projects.

~ Andy Meihaus, Renew Urban Charleston LLC.

PAC COMM, Inc. Superplank® and Pultex® Bayshore Fishing Pier

"The Superplank® GR205 decking and Pultex® standard structural beams supplied by Creative Pultrusions, Inc., for the construction of the Bayshore Park Fishing Pier in North Miami were easy to handle. The crew was impressed by the speed of installation and was happy to see their daily progress. Every day, the fisherman and visitors comment on the quality, color and overall appearance of the walkways. I highly recommend this product for similar applications in the future."

~ Francisco Guarin, Construction Manager
Heavy Civil and Marine Contractors, Miami, FL

Harry Williams Construction - Pedestrian Walkway
"The Superplank® furnished by Creative Pultrusions, for the conference drive bridge walkway project couldn't have been a better fit. The daily walker/joggers are really impressed by the quality and beautiful appearance, along with the firmness of the walk as they cross over it. The project owners are completely satisfied with the results and can't praise the completed project enough. I am sure this material will last significantly longer than the pressure treated lumber that we removed. The installation process was a breeze even though we had to cut around the existing posts. I highly recommend this product for future applications."
~ Harry Williams, Contractor/Owner, Harry Williams Construction
United Electric Cooperative - FRP Transmission Poles
"Working with Creative Pultrusions on a set of three pole structures completely damaged by woodpeckers was marvelous. Their fiberglass poles are a great replacement for wood. They have great strength, are easily transported, and should last for generations to come. Best of all, the woodpeckers have no chance at tearing up these structures again. We will keep Creative Pultrusions in mind for our next solution where wood is just not good enough."
~ Stephen A. Long, Manager of Engineering, United Electric Cooperative
West Virginia University - Composite FRP Pipe Piling
"I have researched, tested and installed composite systems related to civil infrastructure over my entire career. I was astonished at the high strength and modulus values achieved with the polyurethane pipe piles manufactured by Creative Pultrusions, Inc. I expect that the U.S. infrastructure will benefit greatly from this tubular pile technology."
~Hota GangaRao PhD, P.E., F.ASCE, West Virginia University
Somerset Rural Electric Coop - FRP Utility Poles

"Creative Pultrusions’ poles worked great for our bridge project. The poles will be submersed in water the majority of the year. Since they are fiberglass poles, we will no longer have deterioration concerns. Working with cp was quick and easy. The service was above excellent. Here at Somerset Rural Electric we will be ordering from Creative Pultrusions again."

~Jonathan D. Hillegas, Staking Engineer, Somerset Rural Electric

LIRR - Pultruded FRP Decking

"Creative Pultrusions provides the Long Island Rail Road with many innovative products including, most recently, a pultruded frp deck that we installed as a platform extension to our existing concrete platform at one of our maintenance of equipment facilities. The product turned out to be extremely versatile and easy to handle for our installation crews, and has held up well to numerous heavy duty cleaning-chemical exposures. The sales and engineering staff at Creative worked fluidly through our procurement and installation process, including on site support, continuing their history of providing high quality products and services to the LIRR."


~David Crist, Project Manager, Department of Program Management, Long Island Rail Road

FRP Transmission Innovations - High Voltage Polyurethane Transmission Arm

"Creative Pultrusions is a well established company which provides FRP Transmission Innovations with the manufacture of high quality frp composite products. Beginning with exceptionally competent sales and technical staff, through to reliable manufacturing and quality assurance procedures, the experience of working with Creative Pultrusions is extremely positive. This efficient process results in timely deliveries of superior products with broad support throughout. We have found that Creative Pultrusions is a great partner to work with in the pultrusion industry."

~ Grant Lockart, North American & European (CEO) Managing Director of FRP Transmission Innovations, Inc.

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