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Powertrusion International, Inc. (Powertrusion) is the owner of certain intellectual property rights for the design and manufacture of fiberglass composite products for the electric utility industry. Principal products are utility distribution poles and cross arms manufactured by the highly automated pultrusion process.

In December, 2005, Powertrusion entered into an agreement with Creative Pultrusions, Inc. (Creative) under which Creative has the exclusive right to manufacture and market Powertrusion products. Creative's extensive pultrusion capacity and knowledge of Powertrusion products and its customer base, ensure the continued and dependable availability of Powertrusion utility poles and cross arms to electric utilities and telecommunications World Wide.

Creative Pultrusions, Inc., a subsidiary of Hill & Smith Holdings PLC, is The World's Most Innovative Leader in the Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites Industry. Established in 1973, the company operates in Alum Bank, Pennsylvania and provides innovation solutions to corrosion needs. For more information, visit www.creativepultrusions.com

All product related inquiries should be directed to:

New Inquiries
Terry Shank
Outside Sales Representative - Utility Products
Creative Pultrusions, Inc.
214 Industrial Lane
Alum Bank, PA 15521
Phone: (814) 839-4186 Ext. 301
Toll free: (888) CPI-PULL (274-7855)
Email: tshank@pultrude.com 
Website: www.creativepultrusions.com 

Existing Customers
Alan Noel

Inside Account Manager
Creative Pultrusions, Inc.
214 Industrial Lane
Alum Bank, PA 15521
Phone: (814) 839-4186 Ext. 250
Toll free: (888) CPI-PULL (274-7855)
Email: anoel@pultrude.com 
Website: www.creativepultrusions.com 

All communications related to Powertrusion International corporate and shareholder matters should be directed to:

Bo Statham, President
Powertrusion International, Inc.
P.O. Box 6156
Gardnerville, NV 89460
Phone: (775) 392-2321
Fax: (775) 392-0710
Mobile: (520) 519-9300
Email: bostatham@me.com

The majority shareholder of Powertrusion is Millennium Energy Holdings, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of UniSource Energy Corporation of Tucson, Arizona. William C. Mattison, Jr. is a substantial shareholder. There are approximately 350 minority shareholders.



Bo Statham, President and Treasurer - Mr. Statham became President in October 2003. He brings knowledge of the electric utility industry, which is the principal market for Powertrusion's products. For the past 15 years, he has been involved in the development and management of several start-up companies. He formerly was Counsel, Government Relations with IBM, and Vice President, Corporate Affairs of INCO Limited and the Communications Satellite Corporation. Mr. Statham has a B.A. Degree from Millsaps College and an L.L.B. Degree from the University of Mississippi School of Law.

Todd C. Hixon, Secretary - Mr. Hixon is Vice President and General Counsel of UniSource Energy Corporation and subsidiary companies. He is a 13-year veteran of UniSource Energy and served in a variety of capacities in the company's legal department, most recently serving as Associate General Counsel. Mr. Hixon practiced law for three years prior to joining UniSource Energy. He  has a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture and Juris Doctorate from the University of Arizona.

Board of Directors

William C. Mattison, Jr. is a substantial shareholder of Powertrusion. He is a retired principal from the firm Gerard, Klauer, Mattison & Co., of New York. Mr. Mattison brings extensive experience in investment banking, financing and business operations.

James R. Pyers is a retired Vice President, Utility Distribution Company Operations/Engineering of Tucson Electric Power Company in Tucson, Arizona.

Alfred P. Statham (see Officers)

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